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30 years of radon remediation of residential and commercial installations. Data base files on dated requests for radon remediation of over 10,000 residences which have had elevated radon levels above 4.0 pCi/L. Contact us by email : or by phone at: 269.207.5943.

The Soil Gas Collection Matting (SGCM) and fittings below are available through request for purchase through this website or by calling us. Some of the fittings below are custom made to "fit" unique applications. Installation requires direct access to building plans including achitectural diagrams and should be done in concert with a licensed builder. It is recommended that code officials also be contacted to meet any local building code, variances, and state code regulations during the planning phase for installation of RRNC.

Soil Gas Collection Matting- Slab-On-Grade
Connections through a load bearing wall
Apartment Complex
A Recent RRNC Installation

Apartment Complex - Partially Finished Slab
Soil Gas Collection Matting w/ Riser

RRNC Apartment Complex
End Outlet w/ T Riser

Residential RRNC
Basement Soil Gas Collection Matting
Federal Government Building
14,000 square feet w/ 6" riser

You may have us install this SGCM with our team of experts or purchase the material to install yourself.

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Advanced Radiation Monitoring Service, Inc. (A.R.M.S.,Inc.), Mattawan, Michigan* Call *Quality Service Since 1986.

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