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It has been recommended by the United States Surgeon General that all homes be tested for radon gas. Several other organizations including the American Lung Association, American Medical Association, Environmental Protection Agency and the American Association of Radon Scientists & Technologists also recommend testing and fixing homes with elevated levels of radon gas. Radon is a Group A Carcinogen that has been proven, through epidemiological studies in humans, to cause lung cancer. Testing is relatively inexpensive and you may obtain a radon test kit from ARMS, Inc or you may have a professional radon tester from ARMS perform the test for you. Our radon testing laboratory and services are "Certified" by the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) and the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB).

Certified Radon Gas Testing Kit
ARMS-1 Charcoal Canisters

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ARMS, Inc. manufactures, sells, and analyses the radon test kits. The "Radon Test Kits" include an easy to understand "Instructions Form", "Report Form", radon testing canister(s), return addressed mailer, and the laboratory analysis. No additional costs for the analysis. Results will be faxed or mailed within 24 hours of receipt by our laboratory(Monday -Friday).The radon test is a short-term radon test that takes from a 2 day minimum to 7 day maximum. The picture above shows a typical kit as described herein. Canisters are DBCA 2-3/4" diameter by 1" height. A minimum of 2 radon tests should be run for real estate transactions, home inspections, and to give a good overall estimate of the radon concentrations in homes. Call toll free (1.888.447.2366 for MI & IN residents; 1.269.668.5246 other States in US)to order these kits or you may do it through our website. Payment terms with VISA or MASTERCARD, personal checks and money orders.

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Continuous Radon Gas Testing Monitor
Measures Radon Gas in Hourly Increments

We have several ways of measuring radon gas. No job too large or small. Some of our customers have been:
Federal Buildings - Social Security Administration
Federal Aviation Administration
Schools, Hospitals, and Universities
Apartment Complexes & Condominium Associations
Daycare Centers & Homes

Continuous Radon Monitors are used to provide our customers with hourly printouts of the radon concentrations, graphing of the results, and calculation of the average radon concentrations. Radon testing with the CRM is performed primarily for real estate relocation companies requesting our placement, pickup, analysis, and faxing of the test results to their headquarters. The minimum testing time is 48 hours and is performed by our professional and certified radon measurement specialists. We also sell the CRM to home inspectors who would like to obtain test results without sending their radon test devices to a laboratory for analysis or connect via modem to download the radon test results from a remote primary radon analysis lab. Results may be obtained on-site by using the portable printing device or in the office by connecting the CRM to a computer. Anti-tampering features on the CRM indicates if there were any unusually conditions detected during radon testing. If you would like us to provide radon testing for your business, inspection firm, or relocation company in Michigan and Indiana, you may call, email or fax your radon testing request to us.

Used Radon Testing Equipment - Purchasing & Selling Service
We buy and sell used radon testing equipment as it becomes available. You may contact us to let us know if we can help you are keep track of your needs in case the availability of the equipment you are looking for is located. Some equipment we will broker for you for a reasonable fee.

Electret Ion Chambers (E-Perms) & SPER Reader
For Long & Short-Term Radon Gas Testing

Electret Ion Chamber Testing (E-Perms)
Radon testing may be performed using our electret ion chambers shown here. A minimum of 2 chambers are used to perform radon testing and results are easily obtained on-site. Short-term or long-term radon gas testing may be done using these devices. Short-term tests are between 2 to 90 days. Long-term tests go beyond 90 days to 1 year.

Waterborne Radon Testing (testing radon-in-water)
Waterborne radon testing may be performed either by having us come over to your home or by purchasing a radon test kit from us and doing the test yourself. This type of test may be performed on municipal or private well water, however, a predominance of elevated radon-in-water exists with private well water due to the treatment processes of municipal water supplies ( this does not mean municipal water supplies have lower radon concentrations). Municipal well water is usually treated and this process does "out-gas" some radon from the water via aeration or filtration processes. Drinking water standards are in the process of being established for municipalities, however, there are no current (2007) residential standards or requirements. Recommendations may be in the 300 to 4,000 pCi/l ranges. Two methods for remediation of radon-in-water are aeration and filtration. ARMS, Inc. provides radon-in-water remediation and testing. Please contact us to get more information regarding our testing and remediation service for radon-in-water.

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